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  • NEKHRAH – ‘Cosmic Apostasy’ Album Overview

NEKHRAH – ‘Cosmic Apostasy’ Album Overview

NEKHRAH – ‘Cosmic Apostasy’ (2017) Acheron 01:51 instrumental Cosmic Apostasy Closed Casket Funeral Foredoomed The Face of Pain Nekhrotise Acts of Troth Let There Be Nothing This is the debut…

Misery Index Releases “The Choir Invisible” Lyric Video

So usually when you are looking at a lyric video for a death metal band, you expect the staple of monochromatic backgrounds with the lyrics having a bleeding effect, or…

Queensryche Returns With The Verdict, Their New Record!

The Verdict, released March 1, 2019, is the sixteenth studio album from Queensryche. In the early 2010s, Geoff Tate and Queensryche went their separate ways, with his own band eventually…