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Dance Gavin Dance Spring 2020 Tour hitting BBLV!

Dance Gavin Dance will be making their way back to Vegas yet again! On March 13, 2020 the experimental post hardcore act will be returning to the Brooklyn Bowl stage! They come with support from: Animals as Leaders, Issues, Veil of Maya, and Royal Coda. The spring tour date is listed on the official flier as the second date of the tour. Dance Gavin Dance has been known to PACK the venues! (They did so the last time they were at Brooklyn Bowl, and also when they toured with Underoath last year). Since this date is so early in the tour; I expect my peers and fans in the scene to bring their energy!

I’ve seen Dance Gavin Dance many times through the years. I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed by their stage show. The guys bring incredible dynamics and play off of the crowd so well. Having seen them go through their vocalist changes, this lineup is probably the best. (I say that as a pretty big fan of Jonny Craig, too. Tillian Pearson just completes the sound these guys produce.) 


I can’t recall off the top of my head if I’ve seen Animals as Leaders, but seeing as how they’ve toured with some pretty big names in metal and post hardcore; (Summer Slaughter tours, Meshuggah, Underoath, Periphery, etc.), I wouldn’t be surprised if I had seen them at some point. At any rate, I’ve only heard good things, and that always counts for something in my book! 

Issues on the other hand... I was fortunate enough to catch those guys on the last cross country run of Warped Tour. They were a blast to watch. They’re on a regular rotation of one of my post hardcore playlists. I’ve pretty fond of Tyler Carter’s voice. (He also appeared in a Snow Tha Product music video a while back, and I thought that was really cool. Hopping over the genre borders as if there are none! Snow is an independent female rapper; and Issues play post hardcore blended with pop/r&b style vocals as well as more guttural screams.)

Veil of Maya is another longtime favorite and gem of my own personal music collection. While I have missed them the last couple times they have come to Vegas, I'm excited to see what they will add to this tour. (This is ANOTHER fucking band that I haven't seen since 2008 and I'm upset at that a little bit to be honest...) They are likely the most metal based on this bill, and it'll be interesting to see how the post hardcore fans in the crowd react to some good ole metalcore!

Royal Coda & Kurt Travis

Royal Coda is also an unfamiliar name. Having formed in 2017, it’s not shocking that I haven’t heard their name before. (I have somehow fallen into that trap where most of my music collection artists and bands are at their 10th-20th years and beyond point.) Former Dance Gavin Dance vocalist Kurt Travis is part of this outfit, though. This is pretty cool, really. It’s awesome to see these past members getting along on this level. Especially since there was a point in time where there was turmoil in the Dance Gavin Dance camp. Kurt Travis sang on the self titled Dance Gavin Dance album, along with 2009’s “Happiness” album. (That album was one of my favorites of that time period!) I’m excited to see how this new band of his is in a live setting.

What's new with DGD:

In 2019 Dance Gavin Dance released “Acceptance Speech 2.0”, which is a remastered version of the fifth album minus the 2.0 in the name. Also released was an instrumental version of this album; AND an instrumental version of the most recent album, “Artificial Selection.” Busy busy these guys are!

In October the guys released the track “Blood Wolf". This landed them at the 24th spot of the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart! This is amazing, considering the amount of time these guys have been dominating in the underground.

The last couple times I’ve seen them perform, they were near sold out shows. So it’s not surprising to see these guys FINALLY get some real attention for their unique and revolutionary post hardcore sound. As a long time fan, I'm proud of their success. (It looks like the guys have a few spots on the top 200 chart as well. You can see that here!)

Tour Info:

The 2020 tour kicks off in Los Angeles on March 12th, and heads directly to Vegas the very next day. The run continues across the states and ends back in Sacramento on April 25th for their newly solidified festival, Swanfest. These guys are definitely a top live band for me personally. If you’re interested in checking something out that’s a little less traditional, this will be an amazing watch!

See you in the pit, Vegas!

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