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Contacts and Representatives

Editor in Chief:
Sylvia J Lee
[email protected]

Associate Editor:
Taylor Carlson
[email protected]

Artist and Public Relations Director:
Stephanie "Stephy" Hayward
[email protected]

Advertising and Marketing:
Sheri Ramsey- Lewis
[email protected]

Web Master:
Dave Lasley for LasLabs
[email protected]

Logo and Occassional Graphics:
Sandy Yoo for ctrl-z.biz
[email protected]

Publication Graphic/Layout Artist:
Chris VanVuren
[email protected]

Photographers - West Coast

Ski Bassham- Sr Photographer

Brian Lucey- Sr. Photographer

Abigail Buckler

Stephy Hayward

Alex Winkleman

Alexander Rindle

Dillon Radley

April Plant


Photographer - Midwest
Jenn Laskie
"GonZo" Jenny Garcia

Photographer - East Coast
Rob Cavuto
Brian Johnson

Senior Writers:

Lisa Jackson, Brad Bailey, Matt Leiman, Zenon Skyy, Erika Thomas (ContinuumVegas), Jon Mills

Guitars and Gear Columnist:
Michael James

Going Wood Columnist:
Dominick Muzio

Tales From The Pit Columnist:
Vinnie Corcoran

Lori's Guiding Star  Columnist:
Lori Schaefer-  l[email protected]

Contributing Writers:
Kiel Smith,  Lance Brown (Dallas Metal Scene),  Susan Graham (Illinois), Lu Frith,  Susi Müller (Germany),  Ben Pithie (Australia),

Contributing Photographers:
Caren Cartwright, Susan Graham

Facebook Page PhotoArtist:
LisaKay Allen


Mark R Smith, ESQ



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