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ZRockR Magazine is by fans, artists, photographers and musicians for fans, artists, photographers and musicians!  It is privately funded to keep us from having to kiss any ass and as such- what you are reading and seeing is a labor of love and in support of the arts. 

All “adverts” you see on the page, with the exception of Adsense, are done so for promotional purposes ONLY.   

Contacts and Representatives

Editor in Chief:
Sylvia J Lee
[email protected]


Associate Editor and Artist and Public Relations Director:
Stephanie “Stephy” Hayward
[email protected]

Photographic Art Director:
Courtney Ware
[email protected]

Sheri Ramsey- Lewis
[email protected]

Web Master:
Dave Lasley for LasLabs
[email protected]

Logo and Occassional Graphics:
Sandy Yoo for ctrl-z.biz


Sylvia Lee

Stephy Hayward

Vinnie Corcoran

Taylor Carlson

Stephy Hayward

Dominick Muzio

Asia DeVinyl

Alexandar Zayas

Ari Tomke

Courtney Ware

Ethan Pretre

Debra Louise

Sheri Ramsey-Lewis

Mink Deville

Jon Mills

Jenn Laskie

Lando Brown

Cyrinda St.John

Occassional Guest Writers: 

Chris Vener

Lisa Koeningsberg- Roshon

Photographers ( West Coast) :

Ski Bassham

Courtney Ware

Vincent Young

Alexander Zayas

Stephy Hayward

Brian Lucey

Mark R Smith, ESQ

Facebook Graphics:

LisaKay Allen

Facebook and Twitter Admin:

Cyrinda St John




ZRockR Magazine
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Email us at: [email protected]



Photos are copyright the individual photographers – all rights reserved!  We do our best to credit anyone who isn’t a part of our team if they are listed on a publicity photo- However,  should  you see something on the site that you feel is yours and being used without your permission, then please contact our editor or pr gal,  and, unlike some snarky folks with zines who will ask you if it is watermarked,  we will take it down immediately or give you proper credit and leave it up- which ever you would like  (just let us know what you would like us to do in that respect!  We fully support artists and their work! )     

Promotional and publicity photos are for promotional use from bands, publicists and record labels. 

All work is ©2013-2023 by ZRockR Magazine and may not be reproduced in any manner, either whole or in part, without written permission from the publisher. All Rights Reserved.

The Publisher does not assume responsibility for unsolicited materials and will only return those accompanied by a SASE.
Any further questions regards submissions you can email us at: [email protected]

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Sandy Yoo for ctrl-z.biz



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