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  • LAS RAGEOUS: Year Three at DLVEC!

    LAS RAGEOUS: Year Three at DLVEC!

    All the variety!     October 18th and 19th are the set days for this year’s annual Las Rageous music festival. This is the third year this festival is taking place at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. This time though, it is (obviously) being put on in the fall as opposed to past years being […]

  • Atreyu Releases “In Our Wake”

    Atreyu Releases “In Our Wake”

    I’m pretty sure if you were in middle or high school between 2003 and 2007, you religiously listened to your copies of Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (2002) and The Curse (2004). Hell, admit it… “Bleeding Mascara” was your midi ringtone on your sidekick, wasn’t it? Well, put on your Vans and walk to the record store –  […]