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    On August 29, 2019 the mighty Upon a Burning Body returns to Las Vegas. And this time, they’ll be leveling Backstage Bar & Billiards on Fremont Street! It’s been a few years since these guys have been back to the City of Sin, but we are excited to see them come back, nonetheless!

    The last time I personally saw Upon a Burning Body was in 2013 at the Hard Rock Cafe where they opened up for deathcore heavyweights, Whitechapel. (They have since played Brooklyn Bowl and again at the Hard Rock Cafe since then according to past fliers I was able to dig up.) They put on a high intensity set then, and I’m expecting them to do the same this time around. 

    Who is Upon A Burning Body, anyway?

Danny Leal – lead vocals / Ruben Alvarez – guitars, backing vocals / Tito Felix – drums / Joe Antonellis – bass

Promotional image of the band from their official Facebook page.

    The guys formed around 2005 in Texas. (If you still haven’t caught on, I’m a pretty big fan of the metal that comes out of that state.) They currently have 5 full length albums out at this time, and they are signed to Seek & Strike Records. As far as their overall sound goes, they take some of the best pieces of metalcore and groove metal along with pieces of deathcore and create something that sets them apart from their peers. They’re not really full on metalcore, or deathcore, or groove for that matter. (Check below for yourself to see what I’m talking about!)

Popular Upon a Burning Body songs!

    This tour is in support of their latest album, “Southern Hostility.” which was released June 7, 2019. And holy fuck, you guys. I won’t go into full on album review status here… but when I found some reviews; (specifically this one https://exclaim.ca/music/article/upon_a_burning_body-southern_hostility ) I couldn’t help but think of what a spot on analysis it was. Upon listening to this album, though… I will say that if you dig Pantera, Lamb of God, Throwdown, and others of the like, it’s something that you may very well find worthy to headbang to! (I’m headbanging as I write this… no lie.)

The “Southern Hostility” album!

    Joining Upon a Burning Body on this run are the bands, OF VIRTUE and SPEAKING WITH GHOSTS. Both these bands are listed as metalcore, and upon quick skimming their catalogues, they’re definitely right up my alley when it comes to my taste in these genres. I’m looking forward to seeing the energy that these bands bring to one of my favorite venues in the downtown area! 

Of Virtue Playlist:
Speaking With Ghosts playlist

By Courtney Ware

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