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1349: A Night of Black Metal

1349 – Uada – Cloak
North American Tour 2019
Bunkhouse Las Vegas, Nevada
November 7th, 2019

I spent a large portion of my pre-show coverage of 1349’s Las Vegas stop on their North American tour bitching about a lack of European black metal coming to the states; only for Mayhem to announce their own tour of the States March and April of 2020. They’ve currently not announced a Las Vegas date but I have my fingers crossed. Though I’ll likely rope the wife into a road trip to either California or Arizona. Though I am bummed that we won’t be able to do the same for Watain and Morbid Angel later this month.

Black Metal

Having gotten all that out of the way let’s talk about this Bunkhouse show. Because it’s gigs like this that have made me a life-long fan of extreme metal. We had three excellent black metal bands in as intimate a venue as Sin City has to offer; and the experience made me more of a fan for it

Cloak Gallery:

Cloak played a set that would force one to bang their heads even at a funeral. Uada brought the atmosphere you’d find in their music videos with little more than a fog machine and some floodlights. Lastly, Archaon of 1349 might as well have been putting on a clinic stage left; whilst Frost would yet again prove how he’s almost too good behind a drum kit.

Uada Gallery:
Really I have nothing bad to say about this show except the ceiling was too low for any fire breathing.

I’ve been well aware of 1349 for over a decade; and the openers have built up their own excellent reputations in a few short years. Seeing all three live has proven to me why each band has built up the fan bases they currently have; and left me wanting more.

More black metal to come to Vegas; more to spring up locally; and to meet more black metal fans at these shows.

1349 Gallery:

I’ve not frequented the Bunkhouse very much; but the wife has covered bands there far more often and she expressed some surprise at the turnout. Granted so was I to a point, but this was also a very different lineup to what we usually see. That said I feel that this was a similar turnout to a similarly sized venue and the very first piece I wrote for ZRockR; the Metal Blade 35th Anniversary Tour at the Dive Bar with Cattle Decapitation and GoatWhore headlining.

This show has given me hope for the future of a black metal scene in Las Vegas.

PHOTO CREDIT: Courtney Ware for ZRockR Magazine, 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

By Ethan Pretre

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