• Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Hailing from Japan there’s not really a way to explain Peelander-Z without seeing them play live.

They are a totally interactive experience and a blast every time they come to town. Fronted by Peelander Yellow, or is he Mike? It’s hard really to know for sure because there are “So Many Mike” as their song says.

The band played their song “Bike Bike Bike” as well. They even shill their tee shirts with song with “Nice T Shirt”.

This is a show that included the crowd carrying Yellow around the venue a couple of times. Members of the crowd took the instruments and played while the band did more stuff in the crowd; as well as the band giving sticks and metal bowls to play along with some songs.

Their set was great just left most of us wondering where “Taco” was?Go see them when you have a chance. They will be worth it every time. 


If you have no idea who these guys are and want to smile through your day, you need to check them out on Spotify! You will be glad that you did, trust us!

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Holly Ann Wood for ZRockR Magazine, All Rights Reserved.

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