Marilyn Manson Releases ‘We Are Chaos’

In the chaotic world that we are currently living in, it is only fitting that we have new Marilyn Manson.

Manson’s new video for the single “We Are Chaos” dropped today in support of his upcoming album of the same name. This is the first album in three years from the controversial singer, following up Heaven Upside Down.

Video and Music.

The video is reminiscent of the weirdness of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Manson delivers creepiness while delivering a message of the issues of the world we face.

The music itself is a bit calm compared to previous singles that people may be familiar with. It is a slow tempo with mostly clean guitars, piano, and strings. Lyrically, the song sounds like something The Killers would have written; try listening to it an imagining Brendan Flowers’ voice. You’ll see what I mean.

The chorus of the song has Manson chanting “We are sick, fucked up, and complicated. We are chaos. We can’t be cured.” This makes it sound like a darker version of “We Are the World”. To me, it reads of the hopelessness that is felt around the world today.

If you never thought that Manson would be the type of person to release a song that seems to have a slant of this kind, then you haven’t been paying attention for the last 25 years of his career.

We Are Chaos Album.

Manson’s 11th studio album, We Are Chaos, will be dropping on September 11th. Although the single is tame compared to his previous singles, I look forward to what the new album has in store. I enjoyed Heaven Upside Down a hell of a lot. While a lot of people may not agree, I think Manson’s music gets better with age. Hopefully in 2021 we’ll get an accompanying tour.

Stay up to date with news on We Are Chaos on Manson’s website and social media.



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