• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

311 Celebrate 3/11 Day with a Festival at Dolby Theater at Park MGM!

311 is once again back in Las Vegas to celebrate 3/11 day!

Hundreds of fans flocked this weekend to the Dolby Theater at Park MGM to celebrate the bands namesake day. I couldn’t walk through the casino without someone coming up to me and yelling “HAPPY 311 DAY!” before running off to tell the next.

As I took my seat at the theater, on the large screen behind the stage, hundreds of photos of smiling fans of all ages and backgrounds celebrating previous 311 Days, which really solidified the sense of community amongst these fans. Some pictures even dated as far back as 2000, from when the first 311 Day festival started! It’s amazing to see how dedicated most of these fans are, many of which were rocking custom 311 jerseys of their favorite team. The smell of sweat, patchouli, and weed permeated the air only adding to the energy and vibe that this show was sure to bring.

These Nebraska natives opened the show with the highly energetic “Transistor Intro” which immediately set the tone for the rest of the show.  Lead singer, Nick Hexum, had a way of commanding the attention of the crowd and getting everyone to sing along with him to songs like “Hive” and “India Ink”. The entire band managed to keep the energy high throughout the entire set, despite it being an almost four hours long. The song that did get the entire crowd to sing in unison, including myself, however, was the ever famous “Amber” which is their current number one on Spotify with over two hundred and forty million streams.

All in all, 311 day was another success for the band, and they continue to impress even after thirty-six years of playing. Thanks for rocking out with us here in Las Vegas, 311! We hope you come back soon!

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PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Alex Sanchez for ZRockR Magazine 2024. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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