• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

The Ultra Heavy Beat Invades Chicagoland! Industrial Royalty KMFDM Plays Sold Out Show at Chicago’s Legendary Metro-

Fans in fishnets were dressed to impressed and stood in line for hours in the freezing cold of Chicago on 3/15/2024 at Metro. It was totally worth it to see the influential industrial band KMFDM . With their “kill motherfucking Depeche Mode*** “ attitude, this band absolutely put on a killer show . 

Front woman Lucia Cifarelli, announced an upcoming solo album, which she performed a song from the new record . The band rocked the stage with their recognizable aggressive hypnotic metal/industrial sound.  Touring support opening act Cyanotic brought the crowd a hardcore, dark synth vibe as they also rocked the stage for an impressive 45 minute set.

Both bands have amazing merch including tour shirts, CDs, signed records and more. The Chicago crowd was nuts, but such a fun group of people moshing all around on the floor.

Overall I highly recommend you buy tickets and see as many KMFDM shows as you can!! This event was an all ages show. You can purchase tickets from the bands main website https://kmfdm.net

SET LIST FROM KMFDM’s SHOW AT THE METRO-CHICAGO (as listed on setlist.fm) :

  1. Sucks (Intro as they take the stage from tape)
  2. All 4 1
  3. Let Go
  4. Freak Flag
  5. Hyëna
  6. Airhead
  7. Tohuvabohu
  8. Oh My Goth
  9. Naïve
  10. Touch
  11. Go to Hell
  12. Push!
  13. Liquor Fish & Cigarettes
  14. Turn the Light On
  15. Rebels in Kontrol
  16. Bumaye
  17. Blindface
  18. A Drug Against War
  19. Encore:
  20. No God Here (Lucia Cifarelli )
  21. Megalomaniac
  22. When the Bell Tolls
  23. Godlike
  24. Paradise

***Editor’s note: KMFDM does not stand for Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode by the way- that is an old tale… It is, infact, German and stands for ” Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid ” or, as translated into English- “No pity for the majority”!

Live photos by Ari Tomke for ZrockR Magazine 2024. All Rights Reserved.

By Ari Tomke

Ari Tomke is an American concert photographer . She has photographed iconic industrial rock bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and much more. In 2018 she was given the opportunity to photograph her first concert, that band being AFI, at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater located in Morrison, Colorado. Ari has a passion for traveling and visiting new/old music venues, capturing the raw emotions of fans but her main focal point is capturing the most vital artists in music. She continues to learn as much as she can from her photography heroes such as Rob Sheridan, Joey Cultice and Jonathan Rach to name a few. “My favorite thing about specializing in concert photography is being the person behind the camera capturing a moment in time for all to enjoy and pass down to the younger generation so they can appreciate how bad ass this dark life can really be”. Ari Tomke is available as a touring concert touring photographer.

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