• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Mac Sabbath Serves Up An Amazing Night of Rock n Roll at the Observatory OC With An Appetizer of DI and The Venomous Pinks!

Mac Sabbath went full-on burger brawl at the Observatory OC last Friday! Packed house, tighter than a double cheeseburger! Everyone dressed crazier than a free-fry frenzy. Ketchup hats, fry dudes – the whole food court came alive! Mac Sabbath, well, they were their usual awesome-nutty selves. Black Sabbath classics with a burger twist? Pure genius!

Crowd went wild, moshing like there was no tomorrow (or next week’s diet). D.I. and The Venemous Pinks got the party sizzling with killer rock and alt sets. Here’s the cherry on top: Mac Sabbath even did a duet with D.I.’s vocalist! Double dose of rockin’ goodness! It wasn’t the most polished show, but hey, that’s the fun of it! Pure, messy, burger-lovin’ mayhem. Left you sweaty, happy, and definitely craving a greasy burger after all that headbanging. Now that’s a rockin’ good time!

DI Gallery.
Mac Sabbath Gallery.

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Angel Mejia for ZRockR Magazine – All rights reserved

By Angel Mejia

Los Angeles-based photographer with a keen eye for beauty and a love for capturing moments that tell a story. Specializes in music, lifestyle, and street photography, aiming to convey emotions and experiences through her unique perspective behind the camera. Dedicated to honing her skills and sharing the magic of everyday moments through her art.

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