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April 12, 2024 – I want to preface this by saying that despite the popularity, I have never seen a rock vault show. I am aware that it’s had a few different homes through the years, and as of now the show resides at the Hard Rock Cafe located on the Las Vegas Strip. I also have never attended an Emo night, other than last year’s pre party-ish shows that were put on at Backstage Bar downtown. I walked into this event pretty blind, but also with an open mind. When I think about emo and the early 2000’s, and the music that dominated my high school years, to me, these sounds are pretty iconic and a bit of a landmark of the time. 

This show is not like a regular GA floor show- tables and couches were arranged all along the floor in front of the stage. This venue has become a bit of a home away from home for me. I’m familiar with the lights, the stage set up, and where the interesting angles and spaces are. (I’ve worked in this venue so many times for the School of Rock showcases that navigating the floor without getting in people’s way has become a bit of a special skill of mine.) 

The show started off with a dimming of the entire room, with focus put on the screen behind the stage. Origin facts about emo, the music, the style, and the main audience were explained with pictures. It was like a fun slideshow of all the bands and culture I dove into as a kid. These pop ups would happen at multiple intervals or seemingly small breaks in the overall set and really gave the crowd context as to what they were seeing and listening to. 

The setlist was incredibly varied, but contained most of the big hitters of the time. Songs by 30 Seconds to Mars, Brand New, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, and Dashboard Confessional, but there was also a sprinkle of surprise I felt when I heard 3oh!3. They were a bit later in that scene, but carried over a lot of the same fan base despite their more poppy/electro/rap ish sound. Overall this set included songs that are easy for just about anyone to get into and nod their head to. Most of the audience seemed to be a little older, which I know the regular version of the show caters to, but most of them knew the words and the music. By the end of the show there were groups of people dancing and smiling, and overall indulging in the nostalgia. 

This time period of music and culture is special – regardless of what criticisms may be out there in regards to it. Though I was told that this was a one time show, I’m hoping there’s more they can add to it, if the production team feels it’s worth it. I would love to hear more of a deep dive into bands such as Finch, Thursday, Saves the Day, and a handful of others that are important to the scene, but didn’t make a huge splash on the mainstream in comparison to the songs and bands that were showcased on this evening. Other than hoping for a possible future to this showcase, I have no complaints. I had a great time photographing the performers, singing and dancing around with my friends, and enjoying the music that was monumental for me in my formative teen years. 

Until next time… 

Andrew Cushing, bass, vocals, (Adelitas Way, Taking Dawn)
Bree Forsberg, vocals, (The Far Worst)
Tavis Stanley, guitars, vocals (Adelitas Way, Saint Astonia, Art of Dying)
Indie Florentino, vocals, (The Barber Shop, Mandalay Bay, Golden Nugget, Mirage resident entertainer)
Jeff Tortora, drums, (Blue Man Group, Count’s 77, Tinnitus +more)
Peter Summit, vocals, (Crashing Wayward)
Andy Gerold, guitars, vocals, (ex-Marilyn Manson, There is No Us)

Live photos by Courtney Ware for ZrockR Magazine 2024 – All Rights Reserved.

By Courtney Ware

Lead photographer, art director, editor, and writer. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Avid music lover, but favorites include thrash metal, deathcore, metalcore, and post hardcore. - Photography is my passion, and I've carried cameras around for as long as I can remember. I endlessly strive for the constant growth and capabilities this medium can offer. Nothing makes me happier than capturing emotions that I see, and sharing my knowledge in how I did it. - I have an undying love for my local music scene, having been a part of it since my teens.

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