• Thu. May 30th, 2024

Nathon Patrik

Nathon Patrik- Contributing Commentary: “Music makes the people come together. Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebels.” Madonna And where would this 50 year old crazy kid be without it? Probably insane? Maybe not even around? Growing up “different” in a small midwestern town my little 45 record player was my best friend. I remember going to Kmart with a pocketful of my allowance money and buying up my favorite records. I guess the first 45 I really remember was Jeannie C. Riley’s “Harper Valley PTA.” I played it until’ my step- dad broke it because he got tired of me playing it. The song spoke to the little rebel in me I suppose? I’m going to be me no matter what the sacrifice. Of course I was just 6 so i’m sure I just liked the song! I still have all my 45's..hundreds of them and they are my childhood memories. Although my step dad broke my 45 it was some of his albums that I used to listen to bringing me into a more “adult” view of lyrical content. Melanie, Johnny Rivers,Cat Stevens, Rolling Stones….yikes they kinda scared me! Some of the songs seemed angry and my step dad had just returned from Vietnam. It was too dark for this sensitive child. I can still picture myself sitting in my childhood home listening to my records. I guess instead of playing with childhood friends I “played” my childhood friends! Music…..always there.
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Nine Inch Nails are BACK! FINALLY!

This isn’t a review on NIN’S new disc “Hesitation Marks” per se but my personal musings on this band throughout my life. I remember seeing the video for “Head Like…