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  • GWAR – The Black Death Rager World Tour

    GWAR – The Black Death Rager World Tour

    October 10, 2022 – If you’ve never seen Gwar before, I feel bad for you. Seriously. Are they for everyone? Absolutely not. Are they for the easily offended? Nope. But it’s all in good fun. So if you dig monsters, bloody messes, and ultra high energy with some unexpected surprises; they’re a show that’s going […]

  • GWAR to headline BBLV!

    GWAR to headline BBLV!

    On October 10, GWAR will be returning to the City of Sin for their “The Black Death Rager” tour. With them they will be bringing NEKROGOBLIKON and CROBOT. There is no shortage of positive things to say about Crobot.(I have never seen them before, but I never hear anything bad about them! Always quite the […]