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Lori’s Guiding Star- Your Peek At What The Stars Hold For You During A Crazy October 2014!

Need more info? Talk to Lori, personally!  Contact her at: www.lorisguidingstar.com/
Need more info? Talk to Lori, personally! Contact her at: www.lorisguidingstar.com/


OCTOBER 2014 HOROSCOPE              

LIBRA: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This year you can put yourself in a position to achieve most anything you set your mind to. However, you need to get off the fence and commit. Ha Ha! This month you are going to be very emotional as a relationship you thought had merit is not going to work out as you had hoped. Not to worry you needed to see this persons true colors in order to move on for good. This can be a boss employer of a romantic partner! Pay attention to your finances this month. You could make a mistake and over draw your bank account.

SCORPIO: This month’s mantra! “Don’t over think S**T. You could find yourself in several precarious situations where your natural defenses may come up. Consider the situation and the source before you say something you can not retract. You best approach is to be laid back and wait for the end result. The upper hand is yours. Personally, you are going to be pulled in multiple directions. Family friends and others are all trying to place commitments on you and your time. It may be that you just need to selectively accept invitations in order to keep up with all the demands.

SAGITTARIUS: Sitting back waiting for opportunities to come to you is about to back fire. Especially if some of you have had your priorities in personal or love matters. The time for personal relationships is not to far off. However, we have to stabilize your income and financial picture as much as possible by your birth window. Saturn will leave Scorpio in December and move in to Sagittarius for a 2 year run!!!!!!!! Saturn turns the heat up and can be very challenging if you do not have your act together. Those of you in committed relationships will see the next step come to fruition but you also need to be patient. Do not push a partner or mate for results.


Your Astrological Peek At October 2014 from Lori's Guiding Star!
Your Astrological Peek At October 2014 from Lori’s Guiding Star!


CAPRICORN: While trying to prepare for a very busy month. You will feel the pressure building. If you thought that you will be able to count on those close to you in your business or personal life you have another thing coming. Those around you are completely pre-occupied and even down right selfish. Keep you chin up take it day by day and you will be able to avoid blowing your top. Finances remain tricky this month but you will manage despite the lack of additional resources.

AQUARIUS: Are you seeing things the way they are or are you seeing a situation from a highly emotional point of view? Take a step back before you do or say something that can change an important relationship NOT for the better. Your perspective will improve as your attitude does. An unsolicited job offer is not necessarily the answer to your current job frustration so pass on it.
Finances are tight this month due to a few unexpected expenses. Your overall financial picture is solid don’t worry.

PISCES: When the Universe creates challenges for us to face it is a way to give us opportunities to do the work and grow. If your plan is avoid any challenges currently confronting you? I am encouraging you to hit it head on and move forward once and for all. This is also not the time to fall in to old patterns or addictions to deal with emotion. Seek professional assistance if necessary. Pay attention to details when dealing with any contracts or documents this month that can be costly if mistakes are made.



ARIES: A disappointment now proves to be a blessing in disguise. Patience this month is a must! You will get the results you desire both personally and professionally but they will be delayed. You also need to refrain from talking too much to others who may not keep your secrets. How embarrassing? Just stay under the radar and get through the month with a positive attitude. A family member who is having some health issues will need to have a major test or procedure. All will end well don’t worry.

TAURUS: A sense of chasing your tail this month is no joke. A month of delays, frustrations and feeling like you can not get anything accomplished on you wish list is highly likely. Go with the flow and do not let your temper get the best of you. Work related issues are more going on around you than are they come at you directly. Refrain from any verbal confrontations. Personally, you are going to see that family friends and others are MIA in a time of need. Pay attention to any chronic health issue that could flare up due to stress.

GEMINI: When trying to get others to see your view point it may benefit you to take a total fact approach versus trying to use a strong arm to win those to your side or opinion. Your reputation could be impacted. Choose your words carefully. Even if the situation is a family matter you want to be cautious. Those of you who are in the process of accepting a promotion or job offer take into account your ruling Mercury is in Retrograde and double check all financial promises and perks. Get those promises in writing if possible.

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CANCER: Co workers and /business associates are going to be difficult this month. You don’t want to get overly frustrated as a result of others. You still have the upper hand. You are going to be experiencing an influx of cash which is freeing you up to do some of the things you have been putting off. Enjoy! Those of you who are in serious relationships are going to feel the pressure from a partner or mate to go to the next level. Singles are going to be a hot commodity pay attention to who you are meeting they may have a major impact on your heart?

LEO: Can we say burnt? You have been on fast forward for the last few weeks and now it’s catching up with you. It may be time to shut of the phone and chill for a few days to recharge your batteries. This month it is important to be organized and at the same time prepare for unexpected issues that come up distracting you from your priorities. Give yourself adequate time to get all your projects done. Singles may want to selectively put themselves out there this month for some heated fun?

VIRGO: Financial frustrations are temporary. You come into the month with some unexpected expenses due to your ruling Mercury going into Retrograde on the 4th. Car issues are likely. Keep in mind Mercury can be responsible for car accidents and tickets. Drive CAREFULLY! Work drama is almost comical as everyone wants to be the victim. Your personal magnetism is at a high so take advantage to network for professional growth as well as relationship opportunities. It will payoff in a big way over the next few months.


FYI *** Mercury will be in Retrograde October 4th – October 26th*** *** We have a Lunar Eclipse on October 8th*** *** We have the Solar Eclipse on October 23rd and 24th*** The Planets are causing havoc all month for all of the Signs!
*** Mercury will be in Retrograde October 4th – October 26th***
*** We have a Lunar Eclipse on October 8th***
*** We have the Solar Eclipse on October 23rd and 24th***
The Planets are causing havoc all month for all of the Signs!




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