• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Guitarmageddon was hosted at Backstage Bar & Billiards down on good ol’ Fremont. I had missed the red carpet walk due to getting a ride from a dear friend, but I made it in time to catch the main act. Once inside I was greeted with a steady and ready crowd eager to receive the night’s rock sermon.

As I post up at my chosen spot at the bar, I order my usual Jameson on ice and prepare myself for what’s to come. The first few notes struck up, and the crowd, including myself, immediately responded with foot tapping, dancing, and heads moving up and down to the rhythm of the guitars. Now, as much as I enjoyed the show, the name of the event “Guitarmageddon”, left me with an impression that my face would surely melt off upon entry. The vibe of the show was more of ambient but amazing rock n roll and classic rock without the use of any vocals. In a way, it was like a rockin’ lounge type vibe where you could easily hangout and drink with friends (which was what I was doing, I tend to be a lush), or watch the band in awe as they perform some of your favorite classic hits.

I would recommend this type of event for groups of people who are wanting to grab a few cheap drinks, maybe play a little pool, listen to some kick ass guitar riffs, and overall have a great time. If this event continues I’ll be sure to be there again for the next lesson in instrumental rock n roll.

See you at the bar!

By Dillon Radley

Photographer, smart ass, Jameson aficionado and lover all of creatures great and small.

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