Steel Panther – Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage is the Band’s New Unplugged Live Album!

For several years now, Steel Panther has been rocking audiences. Part tribute to classic 80s glam, part politically incorrect gross-out comedy that knows no bounds, this band has become a cultural phenomenon around the world in the past several years (whether that is a good thing or not is totally up to you).

The group has released three studio albums to date (not counting an earlier one released under their previous band name) and a live CD/DVD. The latest release from the band, Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage, is an unplugged concert from the comedic glam rockers. Not content with conquering stadiums or festivals around the globe, the quartet is back…. giving a concert out of a garage. Of course you have to expect the unexpected with these guys.

As the title implies, the premise here is that the band is giving a garage concert for some of their friends, which unto itself is utterly ridiculous (did you expect anything else?) The group performs some of their most popular songs, as well as some of the newest ones, for a handful of their friends that attended the show.

It is amazing the following Steel Panther has gotten in recent years, but with the ability to rock and audience and make them laugh their asses off with the ultimate in politically incorrect humor, they have no shortage of followers. While this is more a disc for the established fanbase, it is bound to get more than a few laughs.

The best thing about this disc is the sheer premise. These modern day legends (I use the term loosely) that sell out stages around the globe are playing a garage concert at the house of one of their mothers. That alone is pretty hilarious unto itself, and the setup works surprisingly well. The songs do not sound all that different from the normal plugged in versions, but the comedic interludes are absolutely hilarious. Unlike the band’s “regular” concerts, the interludes and the like are kept fairly short and concise, which is actually a welcome improvement. This allows the album to be better paced than your traditional Steel Panther show, and that is a good thing.

That said, it DOES come off feeling like a missed opportunity in some regards. The album is just about the right length, but too many of the band’s most popular and best songs are missing. Where are “Asian Hooker,” “Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’,” and “Tomorrow Night?” (I could probably make a more thorough list but this will suffice.) Many of these songs could have been given some new comedic twists with the “garage concert” dynamic.

All things considered, if you are an established Steel Panther fan, you will want to pick this one up. New fans may want to get the group’s studio recordings or see the group in concert first, but overall this one merits a modest recommendation if nothing else.






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