Anvil – Unsung Canadian Metal Heroes are Pounding the Pavement!

For over three decades, Anvil has been rocking hard, even if mainstream success has eluded them. Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner have continued to plug away in the wake of the release of their documentary film a few years back, and it looks like these eccentric Canadian heavy metalers may finally be getting the exposure they deserve. They show no signs of throwing in the towel or calling it a day.

Pounding the Pavement is Anvil’s seventeenth studio album, and further testament to the band being one that has always followed their musical dreams, against all odds. It is their first new album since Anvil is Anvil back in 2016. Is it time for these aging rock and rollers to call it a day, or have they delivered something hard rock and heavy metal fans will be proud of?



While I doubt Pounding the Pavement is going to be revered and hailed as a classic like the bands 80s material, there is no denying that it delivers its audience some damn good rock and roll. One has to admire these guys for their perseverance and their eccentricities (how many other bands have an axeman that has used a dildo as a guitar slide?) In many ways, these guys are the real life Spinal Tap; something I mean in the best way possible. Kudlow, Reiner, and company are still in fine form, rocking out as hard as ever. You know these guys are having a good time making rock and roll together; they are dedicated and passionate about what they do, but at the same time, don’t always take the subject matter of their music too seriously, with the songs on the album ranging from a rockabilly throwback to “Bitch in the Box,” which is actually written about a female-voiced GPS! Throughout the record, I am constantly reminded of why I love these guys. Here is hoping they will continue to deliver hard and heavy anthems that make me bang my head, and occasionally laugh as well.

Pounding the Pavement comes strongly recommended; fans of the group should not be disappointed by the group’s latest effort!


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