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March 15, 2018

Between The Buried And Me – The Dear Hunter – Leprous

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A night of various examples of progressive rock and metal begins with a cello solo naturally. As the piece continues the cellist is joined by the rest of Leprous from Norway. What follows is an interesting act that I’d suggest you the reader check out even if it didn’t exactly move me. The band’s vocalist is certainly talented and unique even if his tone might turn off some listeners.

The Deer Hunter from Rhode Island might be described in this setting as a more stripped down progressive rock band. With parts of songs reminded me of entirely different genres of music such as country and western – for some fucking reason. On a side note Tyler of Asylum Of Ashes and I were discussing which Final Fantasy track one of The Dear Hunter’s songs sounded like and we managed to suggest songs from different games that the other hadn’t played.

The headliner Between The Buried And Me is by far the heaviest of the three bands blending progressive metal with technical death metal as well as metalcore and mathcore of their earlier works. Formed in North Carolina in 2000 BTBAM is a band that has existed on the edge of my radar for the last ten years and I’m not sure why I’ve never seen them before or delved into their catalog until recently. I found it especially impressive to hear such a heavy waltz in one song. Impressive and hilarious.

Prog rock and prog metal for that matter are genres of music with a wide range of sounds and stylings. Opeth and Tool are very different bands which are in turn very different to BTBAM. For instance this show alone featured quite a lot of electronic parts. I’ve talked before about how I feel like it’s a waste to watch a band with these elements resort to playing to recordings and how it’s a treat to see bands that will perform these integral parts of their sound live.

I’d suggest any of these bands to prog fans looking to listen to new bands but be warned your mileage may vary.


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