Dokken – “It’s Just Another Day” is the Classic Lineup’s First Song in Two Decades!

In 2016, Dokken made the surprising announcement that their classic lineup would be reuniting for a tour of Japan. It was to be a one-off limited time event, but just the same, was something eagerly awaited by the fans. A live CD/DVD package of that tour is on the way, but in the meantime, the band has revealed a brand new song.

“It’s Just Another Day” is the first original song from the band’s classic lineup in over two decades! Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Wild Mick Brown unite on this one, but in a band lineup infamous for its share of tensions despite their sheer talent, how is the new song?

All right, I’ll be the first to admit I had my doubts about a new song from this band lineup, but for what it is, this song is surprisingly good. Finding that balance between the sound of the band’s classic era and something harder hitting for modern audiences is no easy task, but the group pulls it off here.

George Lynch is one of the most underrated guitarists of all time, a point he demonstrates beautifully throughout this song. It’s a shame there’s not likely to be any full-on reunion between him and his former bandmates, because everything he does on this song is fantastic. This song is better than anything Lynch has recorded with his own band, Lynch Mob, since that band’s first two records.

The rhythm section of Pilson and Brown is no less impressive. Brown, in particular, pounds away at the skins with a ferocity of a man much younger. It’s great to see this version of the group still has the chemistry that made their classic records, well, classic.

If there’s one weakness in the group, it’s the expected one – Don Dokken himself. I respect the man immensely for his classic vocal work on those old 80s records, but in recent years, his vocal quality has diminished terribly; I’ve seen him live in concert several times and the performances don’t lie. Even with some slight improvements when I saw him last year versus the shows five or so years ago, he still just isn’t quite up to par with many of his peers from the same era. The song should have been recorded as a trio with Pilson on lead vocals. Actually, on that note, when can we get another T&N album?

Dokken’s first new song from their classic lineup in 20+ years has great instrumental work from Lynch, Pilson, and Brown; it’s definitely superior to most of what Lynch Mob has put out over the years. The only weakness is Don Dokken’s declining vocal, though this is sadly not unexpected. It would be great to hear the song done as a trio with Pilson singing, though the strength here outweigh the weaknesses. Give it a listen!


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