Dirty Pairadice Reunion, anyone?

Dirty Pairadice
July 27, 2018
Count’s Vamp’d

From what I’ve been hearing, Dirty Pairadice were at one point, one of the best original bands in Vegas. So when word broke about something special smack dab in the middle of Smashing Alice’s set was announced, some old time fans were in attendance for this 3 or 4 song performance.

Dirty Pairadice is Dallas Williams (vocals), Ruzz Roxx (bass), Dylan Dice (guitar) and Donald Dececco (drums). All these guys have been involved in numerous music projects throughout the scene.

The final song of Dirty Pairadice was Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell,” the break through hit that put Pantera into the spotlight on a wide spectrum. Dallas called it a tribute to our heroes. (And if I need to mention it again… definitely rings true with me.)

Are we looking at a possible reunion for Dirty Pairadice, this local favorite? Only time will tell… Until then, here’s some shots of their time together on the Count’s Vamp’d stage!

(Check out an interview Stephy Hayward did of Dirty Pairadice a few years back here!)

You can also follow future updates from their Facebook page:

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