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Industrial Supergroup Die Klute Releases "Planet Fear"

Die Klute, comprised of members Jurgen Engler of Die Krupps, Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip, and Dino Cazares of Fear Factory, has dropped their debut album Planet Fear, and if you are a fan of the industrial genre, you need this record.

From the moment that the first track, "Human Error", kicked off, I felt like I was listening to Xtort era KMFDM. It feeds the need for something heavier and succeeds in delivering a sound that I really haven't heard a lot since the mid 90s.

A big treat on Planet Fear is a grimy, dark cover of Public Enemy's "She Watch Channel Zero" (which also sampled by Industrial band KMFDM on "Godlike"; no seriously! Listen to the guitar part!), which for me, anything Public Enemy related is good. Die Klute takes the song to a new level and makes it their own. For those who don't know the original, they are going to be addicted. For those who do, they'll be equally enamored.



By the time you get to my personal favorite, "If I Die" towards the end of the record, I guarantee you will be hooked on Die Klute.

The album, which contains twelve tracks is a blend of heavy, distorted guitars, and synth. So, basically it's the perfect blend for fans of heavier music. For those who may not be familiar with the older Industrial pioneer bands, Planet Fear would be the perfect toe dip into the dark pool.

If you like bands like Ministry, Rammstein, Fear Factory, and even early Powerman5000, then I implore you to go and check out Die Klute. You won't be disappointed. Now, if we can get them to come to Vegas, I'll certainly be in the crowd, and I better see you all there too!

Check out the video for "It's All in Vain" HERE .

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PHOTO AND VIDEO CREDIT: All photos and videos ©Cleopatra Records - Die Klute - Original photographer/videographer

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