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Wicked Garden Uproots Count's Vamp'd Again

Wicked Garden.

I've been aware of these guys for a few years now. I have seen frontman Dominick Muzio playing at Vamp'd a few times as a special guest with an act or two, but my work schedule and other commitments have kept me from seeing them do a whole set. Until tonight. The inclement weather derailed other plans, so I figured I'd finally go see them. I did catch a few songs by openers Lady Chameleon, and they were as good as I recalled them to be. Muzio took the stage with them for at least two numbers.

Anyway, onto the show. Their 19 song set consisted largely of originals. Seven covers, including ones by Puddle of Mudd, Faith No More, Blink-182, RATM, AIC ("Junkhead" was a way cool choice), Monster Magnet, and Tool were sandwiched between their own songs, which should give you a rough idea of what to expect stylistically from them original-wise. Some played are featured on their newly-released EP, others to be on their upcoming full length album, Post Dystopian Leisure Music on Shock Records, a division of Vanity Music Group.

Jay Dardano is a solid timekeeper, Troy Spriggs, a fine bassist and occasional co-lead singer, and Shawn Trojain is the lead guitarist, while Dominick fronts the act on lead vocals and guitar. The three-time voted Best of Las Vegas band the last three years straight packs quite a punch. To hear Dominick tell it, they started as strictly a cover band, until some heckler challenged them to write originals. Being that Muzio had fronted one many years ago in New York that almost got signed, he obviously took it as a sign to dust off his skills and shine again, a very good thing.

Songs off of their recently released Already Gone EP, including the hit title track, have been gaining worldwide traction on Spotify, the platter's artwork is striking, and an upcoming tour is proving to be exciting news. I truly wish these guys the best, as they deserve it.

Verdict: check them out live, get their stuff, follow them on social media. Hail, Wicked Garden!

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Stevie Soskin - Used with Permission

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