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Powerman5000 Owns the Vamp'd Stage

Powerman5000, Knee High Fox, and locals Bad Little Sister took over the Count's Vamp'd Stage on April 30, 2019.

Bad Little Sister kicked off the night. While this is a group of some of Vegas' most talented musicians, they seemed a little out of place at times, performing songs from Skid Row, Alanis Morrisette, and more. For the locals who are familiar with the band, this was a definite treat, but for those who may be unfamiliar with them, I hope that they were won over, given the overall crowd that graced Vamp'd that night.

Knee High Fox was up next. Covered in blacklight paint, the Los Angeles band is fronted by Krsy Fox, who, when you look at her, you don't expect such a booming voice to come out of her.

The band seems to be a go-to for Powerman5000 tours, and I'm personally glad that they are. They not only killed it with songs like "Valentine" and "Witch" (which were personal favorites from the night), but they seemed to win over the growing crowd, getting everyone pumped for what was to come.

Finally, Powerman5000 hit the stage after an intro of the classic 1960s Star Trek theme music. Each band member had green lasers on their instruments, with the exception of the drummer, who had laser gauntlets on his arms, and they used them to help pump up the crowd.

Front-man Spider One jumped on to the stage and was greeted with screams. I tell ya, it seemed like the guy never stopped jumping, and his bandmates joined in, making this one of the highest energy shows on the Vamp'd stage in a long time.

I hadn't seen them since 2014 when they played the now closed LVCS, and I have to say that this show was a thousand times better. The band was tight and the sound and energy were out of this world.

The energy carried on during throughout their 12 song set, which consisted of hits like "Super Villain" and the closer "When World Collide", as well as songs like "Horror Show" and "Invade, Destroy, Repeat". At one point, a fight broke out at the back of the venue, causing Spider One to crack jokes about people getting so pissed off over silly shit.

It's been a while since I have seen a crowd get that interactive, and you could barely even move inside of the club. If Powerman5000 comes back, and I hope they do, I think they have found their new home in Las Vegas at Count's Vamp'd.

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Christina Rosenfeld/Pixel Beauty for ©ZRockR Magazine, All Rights Reserved

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