DAD – Danish Rockers Strike Back With A Prayer for the Loud!

Disneyland After Dark, known in the USA by their abbreviated name DAD, have been rocking audiences for over three decades, with a wildly diverse and unpredictable rock and roll sound. The Danish rockers aren’t done, either. It’s been eight years since the group released an album, but they’re back with a vengeance.

A Prayer for the Loud is the twelfth studio album from these underrated rockers out of Denmark. The group’s international commercial peak came in the late 80s-early 90s with classic tunes like “Rim of Hell” and “Sleeping My Day Away,” which remain revered as classics, and still get played on satellite radio. Put simply, the band hasn’t stopped doing what they do best, even if their more recent tours and festival appearances have been primarily relegated to the European continent.

One thing which always impressed me about DAD on their past record is the fact the band didn’t really have a “normal” sound. The group’s sound was all over the place, with their oldest records being influenced by everything from punk and new wave to country! Their more successful commercial releases took on a more mainstream (for the time) rock sound, but it was great to see a band not above experimentation and musical diversity. How do they fare the twelfth time around?

I’m pleased to report the latest from DAD is a damn good record. For the most part, the sound here hearkens back to the straightforward rock from the No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims era, and that’s a good thing. There is a bit more of a modern influence on the tracks, with some borderline alternative elements, though this certainly won’t alienate fans. The band even mixes things up by slowing it down on a few tracks, though there’s really only one “ballad” in the mix. Glad to see the band keeping things interesting, and still rocking audiences.

DAD still kicks ass musically, and they prove it beautifully throughout the course of their latest release, A Prayer for the Loud. Highly recommended to all fans of classic hard rock!





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