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Stabbing Westward Returns to Las Vegas

Stabbing Westward is back with another round of reunion shows, and this one is hitting the Brooklyn Bowl!

About the Band.

Stabbing Westward was formed in 1986 by vocalist Christopher Hall and keyboardist Walter Flakus. Although it would be a decade before the band really got noticed in a big way. Thanks to Wither Blister Burn & Peel and singles like “Shame”, MTV picked up on the band. Back in those days, MTV was the be all end all when it came to who got noticed.

What’s crazy to me is that 3 years later when the band released Darkest Days, they seemed to have less success. If you mention Stabbing Westward to someone, they can easily name “Save Yourself”. The band was unfortunately dropped from Columbia just a couple of years later.

The band went on to sign with Koch Records and record their 2001 self-titled album. Unfortunately though, they disbanded less than a year later. 

Hall went on to form The Dreaming, which had some really good success. Everyone else in the band either continued in music or just decided to do the “normal” life thing. Fans couldn’t help but keep dreaming of a reunion though. 

After rumors began circulating in 2010, the fans became excited. Dreams were slashed when it was proved to be false. In 2012, hopes rose again when a fan created a petition to get the band back together, but again, nothing.

The Reunion Finally Happens.

On November 15, 2013, right here in Las Vegas, during a The Dreaming show, got a taste of reunion. The full one would take place just a couple of years later in Chicago. Stabbing Westward has been doing swing out reunion shows here and there since. The band has also begun working on a new album. 

With the addition of Bobby Amaro of Orgy on drums, the band continues to play to crowds across the country. This stop on the tour hitting Brooklyn Bowl here in Las Vegas on Saturday, October 5. To get information on how to get tickets, CLICK HERE .

We’ll see you at the show!


Check out Stabbing Westward on Spotify to get hyped for the show!

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