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Amon Amarth: Viking Metal Comes to Vegas

Berserkers of Las Vegas! Sharpen your axes and prepare for battle!Arch Enemy, At the Gates, and Grand Magnus are supporting Amon Amarth, and this show is coming to the House of Blues on October 23rd. 

Amon Amarth.

The metal awesomeness that is Amon Amarth was formed in 1992. Sindarian is a fictional language spoken by the elves in J.R.R Tolkien’s works, which provides them their name, translating into English as Mount Doom. Mount Doom is a volcano in Tolkien’s middle-Earth.

Have you no idea what Amon Amarth is all about? Are you unsure of attending this awesome show? Well, prepare yourself by putting on your finest set of Viking horns.  A drinking horn attached to your belt loop couldn’t hurt either.
These guys will take you through a Viking history lesson through their songs. 


If you haven’t picked up their 11th studio album, Berserker,released on May 3rd of this year, I highly suggest it.  It’s got an attitude of not compromising with victorious song writing. Berserker is easily one of their strongest albums yet. Check out their video for “Shield Wall” and you’ll see what I mean. 

Prepare for a night of sailing the stormy seas and melodic death metal at HoB!

For tickets, visit the House of Blues website HERE .


Get excited for the show and check them out on Spotify!

By Christina Rosenfeld

Christina Rosenfeld- Photographer- Hey guys! I'm Christina. I'm originally from New York but I gave up the snow for the sun and moved to Las Vegas. That happened about 5 years ago which is crazy. I've been a concert photographer for 5+ years. I love it regardless of it's challenges. I'm a fan of all genres of music but metal will always soothe my little black heart (especially with a "female front". I say that in quotes because it's a delicate subject). Fun fact: The Monkees were the first band I ever loved. I was 5 when I was introduced to them. They were also my first concert when I was 6. When I'm not photographing in the pit, I usually have my hands on someone's face. Fun fact: I'm an esthetician/makeup artist. I also enjoy them very much. I love making people feel their best. If you want to make me happy, give me a taco. See you at the next show \m/

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