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ZRockR Magazine Statement Regarding George Floyd

We at ZRockR Magazine have always tried to keep our personal beliefs off of this page because we know not everyone may gel with them, and we may not gel with yours, but we have one love: Rock and Roll.

The fact is, without black lives, we'd have no rock and roll. What is and has been going on is not something that we can be quiet about. To be quiet is to be complacent, and in a lot of ways, that's just as bad.

What happened to George Floyd and many others is outrageous. All of us on staff hope to the Universe that justice will prevail. The movement happening now is one that we hope will cause change. If you are a part of the protests, we may not be on the front lines with you; but we support you.

We do not support the people who have been causing further pain and destruction. We do not support blatant racism and prejudice. If you've been following us for a while, you know we've done what we can to expose local Nazi-affiliates in our music scene. We will continue to do that, of course. We wish that our local protests did not end up with people who were not there for peace.

Our hearts go out to the families of the LVMPD officer and the US Marshal who were shot earlier this week. We support our local law enforcement who have stood with protesters to try and keep things peaceful.

We guess the best thing we can say is this, stay alert, stay peaceful, educate each other, and remember to wear your mask, we are still in a pandemic, after all!

ZRockR Magazine Staff

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