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Cultus Black release Negative Creep (Nirvana cover)

Who is Cultus Black?

Yeah I asked that too. I will admit straight out the gate that I’ve never really latched on too much to the “NU-METAL” genre of music. (Nothing against it, just not my jam.) Cultus Black is listed as Nu-Metal/Melodic Deathcore via their Facebook page. These guys released their cover of Nirvana’s “Negative Creep” late last month. (August 2020) Since I am actually very fond of Deathcore, I checked it out. Cultus Black features frontman, “L”; formerly of Motograter.

I’ll also throw it out there that I’m not much of a Nirvana fan. (DON’T HATE ME.) That piece of the 90’s didn’t catch my interest (Though I very much respect it for what it is/was.) and I was always far more pumped up over the Thrash scene that came up around the same time. (I swear if I have to bring up Pantera again… haha.) I digress. Pretty much, I went into this cover completely blind and unsure of what to expect.

Check out Cultus Black’s ‘Negative Creep’ below!

Gut Reaction

I will say that personally, I don’t think this cover showcases what this band’s sound actually is. There’s nothing wrong with the cover itself, however I did sense a very strong Slipknot ish kind of vibe. As I listen to what they have on Spotify, I can clearly tell that there’s more to them than the spin they put on this track. (Witch Hunt and You Make Me Sick are actually very good tracks in my opinion.)

As a whole I definitely think their sound is aggressive, hard hitting, and could very well be a success in the metal scene. The guys are due to have a full album release, in which the date has yet to be announced.

Also check out the single, ‘Witch Hunt’, which was released in May 2020!

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