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On October 23, 2020 Hands Like Houses will release their self titled EP via UNFD

I have and will likely always have a soft spot for bands like this. Hands Like Houses are classed as modern alt/stadium rock. However, for me they've always carried a vibe similar to that of the early 2000's pop punk sound.

The first video by Hands Like Houses to promote their Self Titled EP

I won't sit here and make comparisons to the rest of the catalogue these guys have. However I will say that I have always enjoyed their music as it has come on some of my radio stations through the years. I was actually surprised to see the level of criticism that was recieved on the two videos that were released to promote this EP. "The Water" and "Space" were the two songs released. I'd overall say they are fitting to the sound this EP carries, but I probably would have liked to see the last track, "Stranger" included on the promotion here. That song byfar is my favorite on this EP.

The second video to promote Hands Like Houses' Self Titled EP.
Track list:

1. The Water
 2. Space
 3. Dangerous
 4. Wired 
 5. Stranger


I would recommend this to anyone who has a soft spot for feel good rock music, or anyone who was a part of the early 2000's pop punk scene like I was. If you'd like to check out some of Hands Like Houses' other music, check out the playlist below!

For more information, merch, etc head on over to

Header image credit goes to the original photographer. Original source: Press kit.

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