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Wicked Garden Returns with "Home, Too Far," a New Original Song!

Wicked Garden combines the talents of guitarist/vocalist Dominick Muzio, guitarist/vocalist Shawn Trojahn, drummer Jason Dardano, and bassist/vocalist Troy Spriggs. The band started off primarily doing covers of 90s alternative rock songs, but in more recent years has shifted into creating original material.

The latest song from Wicked Garden is “Home, Too Far,” written by Muzio and Trojahn, with the recording, producing, and mastering for the song having been done by fellow Vegas rocker Jason Constantine.

There’s no question that the quartet of musicians who make up Wicked Garden are talented; their covers of classic 90s alternative rock songs speak for themselves (hell, the group shares their name with one of the earliest classic hits from Stone Temple Pilots!) And as songs like this so beautifully demonstrate, the group is certainly good for more than just cover songs. Original songs from Wicked Garden are quickly becoming a highlight, and perhaps nowhere is that more true than with the recent release of “Home, Too Far.” This sound sounds like it could’ve been on an LP from one of the grunge giants of the 90s, and that’s a good thing.

It’s great to see Wicked Garden keeping the spirit of 90s alt rock alive not only in covers, but also in the form of increasingly strong original material. “Home, Too Far” may be the best original tune yet. Strongly worth listing to for any fan of the era.

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