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2021 is looking JAM PACKED with amazing acts from all genres hitting Las Vegas after the pandemic. We cannot talk about this without mentioning the “Tour of Consciousness” featuring JINJER, SUICIDE SILENCE and ALL HAIL THE YETI. These three will be wrecking the House of Blues, Las Vegas on HALLOWEEN, and I cannot even tell you how stoked I am to see this!

Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence is a personal long time favorite for me. I will never forget meeting Mitch Lucker outside The Farm well over a decade ago. When he passed I took it pretty hard, and it was even more difficult for me to embrace Eddie Hermida on vocals. (I was a pretty big All Shall Perish fan, too… I had seen them with him on vocals back in the day as well.)

It wasn’t until about a year after the live recording of the Mitch Lucker Memorial concert was released that I was able to soundly listen to them again. When I did though… I had perma chills and I fell in love with that energy all over again. Since the rise of Spotify they have been on regular rotation of my heavier based playlists. (Before Spotify kids… we all had CD’s. I still use CD’s. ALL. THE. TIME.) 

The last time I saw Suicide Silence was on Attila’s Ragefest tour, and HOLY SHIT you guys. It had been the first time I had seen them play in a long time, and I did not walk away disappointed. 

Suicide Silence has recently released an EP with some of their best material since the Mitch Lucker days. “Become the Hunter” brings them back to a sound that could be seen as an actual progression from “The Black Crown” and “You Can’t Stop Me”. (I really love these guys, but that 2017 self titled album was a little strange… I’m glad that the new releases are at where they are!)


Jinjer is a fairly new name to me, though I’ve caught an increase in exposure and coverage of them throughout the last year or so via Instagram and other social media outlets.

The Ukraine based band embraces elements of death and groove metal, along with a half a dozen other listed influences. Vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk has a gorgeous clean vocal style, which at first slightly reminded me a little bit of Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. It is very well contrasted by a dark and brutal guttural vocal which leaves many first time listeners very surprised! It’s like a “Holy shit!” reaction. It’s actually pretty pleasant for someone like me who craves music a little on the heavier and darker side.

Listening to their discography you can hear a very clear influence of Opeth and bands of the like. This is DEFINITELY a band I’m interested in seeing tear up the stage.

Jinjer released the “Micro” EP in October of 2019, and not long after they released the full length “Macro” album. (This is really fucking cool, by the way…) One can only assume that this tour is directly in support of those releases. At any rate, I am excited to see what’s in store!

Are you excited for this progressive death metal/deathcore/mixed bill? I guess we’ll see who shows up and goes nuts!
Check out the official tour flier below! For tickets and more info head over to the House of Blues Event Page!

See you in the pit, Vegas!

By Courtney Ware

Lead photographer, art director, sometimes editor, and writer for ZrockR Magazine- I am a mother, wife, photographer and a metalhead. Las Vegas Native. I first picked up a camera at 12 years old and I have been carrying one around ever since. I have an incredibly deep connection and love for my Las Vegas local music scene, this is where I first fell in love with music photography and knew that this is what I wanted to be doing with my time here on this planet. I say I'm a metalhead but I really love all kinds of music, I just connect the most with metal. Concerts are my happy place, and the happiest you'll ever see me is at a show with my camera in hand!

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