Wicked Garden’s Dominick Muzio Signs Solo Deal With Tonehouse Records!

He has not left the Garden, he’s just doing his own thing too!


Singer/Guitarist of Wicked Garden To Release His First Solo Effort Through Tone House

In a career spanning 30 years, Dominick has released records with Lynx, Hedonics and Wicked Garden. He has also performed live shows with members of LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Slash, London and many others. He is a staple of the local Las Vegas music scene, and is also a staff member at ZRockR Magazine.

On releasing a solo album Dominick says “These songs really didn’t fit the Wicked Garden mold, There are a few songs here I’ve kicked around for years along with some I wrote quite recently that I felt I just needed to record to get them out of my head There are also plans to make a video of the first single and some possible local live shows and/or tour dates.”

The record will be produced, mixed and mastered by Jason Constantine (Jeff Duncan’s – Wanderlust)  “Why ToneHouse? It was a no brainer. I was recording demos with Jason and they called me the next day and said “We like your stuff, wanna put out a record with us?” I totally wasn’t expecting nor planning on that, but I jumped at the chance.

On Jason as a producer: “He did the last Wicked Garden record and it sounds amazing, He has a knack for hearing the things in my head and getting them out of me. I like to say I give him the skeletons and he adds the flesh and blood, he is a great musician as well.” 

Keep an eye out for the new release from Dominick! ZRockR of course will let you know more when it is coming out!

Photo Credit- Stephy Muzio

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