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Dominick Muzio

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  • Dominick Muzio & Chemical Tribe Debut at Backyard Bar

Dominick Muzio & Chemical Tribe Debut at Backyard Bar

ZRockR’s own Dominick Muzio and Chemical Tribe have been busy lately. If you haven’t checked out the new singles “Special Thing” and “So Close, So Far”, click those links and…

Dominick Muzio Releases First Solo Album: Candy at a Funeral

Singer/songwriter Dominick Muzio is no stranger to writing a catchy song. The Wicked Garden vocalist has done it again with his new solo EP, Candy at a Funeral. Put out…

Dominick Muzio’s ‘Special Thing’

The first single from his solo EP ‘ Candy At A Funeral’ is what we need! Dominick Muzio, singer and songwriter from Vegas’ own Wicked Garden not only has a…

Wicked Garden’s Dominick Muzio Signs Solo Deal With Tonehouse Records!

Dominick Muzio inks deal with Tonehouse Records

POST DYSTOPIAN MUZIO – A Conversation with Wicked Garden’s Dominick Muzio

I spent a weekend in Vegas visiting with old friends and ended up helping out our editor clear out a storage unit she had (and walked off with some cool…