• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

This show was one of the shows I’ve been most excited for since it was announced. Revelations of the Wicked brought metal from all over the globe to play in Vegas’ best venue for metal, Triple B’s (BBB/Backstage Bar & Billiards). I’ve never been disappointed in a show at this venue and to no surprise, it was packed.


First on this amazing line-up, all the way from Brazil, was Claustrofobia. These guys may have been the opening act, but they came out with headliner energy. I do not speak Portuguese, but metal is universal!

Claustrofobia definitely had bit more of a thrasy feel to them. This was my first time hearing this band, and I would love to see them on another tour hitting Vegas.

Decrepit Birth.

Decrepit Birth has always been one of my personal favorite bands to see live. I’ve seen this band play dozens of times dating back to high-school, which is further back than I care to admit.

Every single time they hit the stage, they bring unmatched energy and atmosphere. It would not be a Decrepit Birth show if vocalist Bill Robinson, or self-proclaimed God himself, didn’t start the show by getting the pit started before jumping on stage.

After getting on stage Robinson explained to the crowd how he created us and that we are mere dust to him.

While a lot of the bands on this line-up are more of the extreme death type, Decrepit stood out with their very technical and melodic guitar riffs.


Here is another band, like Claustrofobia, that hails all the way from Brazil. Krisiun is comprised and founded by the trio of brothers Alex Camargo (bass/vocal), Moyses Kolesne (guitar), and Max Kolesne (drums).

I’ll be honest, I came to this show only being familiar with Decrepit Birth and Vader. However, this band’s performance made an instant fan out of me. Their high energy and classic death riffs had the crowd so riled up that it was a little difficult navigating the floor while holding a camera. At one point, I had to tuck my camera like a running back does a football and mosh my way through the crowd; which was a bit of fun!

Can’t wait to see these guys again.


The final act of the night came from the other side of the globe.

Vader is one of Poland’s biggest death metal names. I’ve been a fan of these guys for many years. Their sound has changed a lot since their early years as the band’s roster went through many switch ups. The only original member left is vocalist and guitarist Peter Wiwczarek. While the sound around him changed, his vocals were always recognizable.

While they did play some of their classics, such as “Fight Fire With Fire”, Vader were noticeably excited to play some from their newer albums Solitude in Madness and De Profundis. Peter shared with the crowd how stoked they were to share songs from these albums because they were unable to play them live with the COVID lockdowns happening globally.

I’d have to say that the crowd was equally excited.

This is one show I am glad I didn’t miss this year.


PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Nik Saiz for ZRockR Magazine – All Rights Reserved.

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