• Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

HIRS: The Band You Need to Know About Visits Vegas

This show was small, but don’t be mistaken it packed a punch! This was my first time at the Griffin. When I walked in, I just saw a normal bar with no noticeable area for a show. Hidden away in the back is a relatively small room where intimate shows are held. There is no stage or hand rails separating you from the artist. This, combined with the unbridled rage coming from HIRS, gave me huge nostalgic feelings of going to packed shows at The Farm or Leathernecks. There were two opening local acts Evelyn Scythe and Spelling Hands. Unfortunately, due to my own error, I missed them.

The Hirs Collective is comprised of a group of musicians who all seem to have the same goal, fight for the right to exist and thrive in a world trying to push them out. They are a collaborative “fuck you!” to the powers that be who are currently trying to pass, or already passed, legislation that basically dehumanizes people in the LGBTQ+ community. Their message is heard loud and clear in the title track of their newest album We’re Still Here. This album is a collaborative effort bringing in musicians from acts such as Thou and Melt Banana. HIRS’ music is equally a welcoming open-arms to marginalized groups of all kinds as it is a proverbial middle finger to the fascist right.

Jenna (vocals) and Scott (guitar) took to the floor and wasted no time. Jenna used all the space available stomping and jumping around as she bellowed into the mic. As expected at a show as intimate as this one, she also got the pit going. Nothing gets a crowd more stoke than when band members get into the pit with them. I love it.

At one point, Jenna dropped the mic and allowed anyone to grab it to sing along or just express their rage to the music as she continued to move the pit. I never heard HIRS before seeing the flyer for this show and I’m glad my curiosity led me to looking them up. Would absolutely love to see them again!


PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Nik Saiz for ZRockR Magazine – All Rights Reserved

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