• Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Puddle of Mudd Returns to Vegas with Lost Hearts & Crash Midnight

I’ll be honest. Before I saw the announcement for this show, I forgot Puddle of Mudd existed. However, the early 2000’s angsty teen in me was dying to go! I also hadn’t been to a show at Brooklyn Bowl since before COVID. So, this show was a win-win for me! 

Lost Hearts

First to take the stage was a group of very young musicians coming all the way from Nashville, Lost Hearts. Before they came on, the crowd was dispersed. However, soon after hitting the stage, people started heading to the barricade. Don’t let their age fool you! These guys brought the energy you would expect coming from a musical mecca such as Nashville. Even though they played a few covers, these kids kicked ass. 

Crash Midnight

Hailing from a little further north in Boston (but now residing here in Vegas), Crash Midnight were next to take the stage. This was another group that I have never heard before and they did not disappoint. These guys had that classic sound you’d expect from a rock band fronted by a singer in skinny jeans and leather jacket. If I closed my eyes, I for sure would’ve thought I was back in the 80s at a Crue concert. They did a wonderful job at hyping up the crowd, getting them ready for Puddle of Mudd. 

Puddle of Mudd

After Crash Midnight’s great performance, the crowd was frothing at the mouth to keep the Saturday night party rocking. Just as the crowd is about to break into an uproar of anticipation, out walks Wes Scantlin. Despite his past reputation with drug use and domestic violence, Scantlin came out looking healthy and eager to perform. I was taking pics in the media pit as usual, but I kept getting hit with Puddle of Mudd beach balls. I looked behind me and saw a Bonafide beach party inside Brooklyn Bowl. I’ve been to a number of shows in Brooklyn Bowl; however, this one had something that felt special. I think their fans had been waiting eagerly for them to return to Vegas. As you can see in some of the crowd shots, they were far from disappointed.


PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by Nik Saiz for ZRockR Magazine – All Rights Reserved.

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