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Do you long for the days when hairspray was essential to a morning routine? When white suits and leg warmers were the latest in fashion? Or when eyeliner was just as popular with men as it was with women? While the 1980s may be gone, the music that soundtracked it has not. Will The Thrill continues the legacy of hair metal with their release, Take It Sleazy, released on July 28th, 2023.

About the Band.

The creation of Take It Sleazy came out of both heartbreak and a desire to re-ignite the fire in the hearts of Guitarist, Will Aguilar, and Bassist, Mojoe Murphy. Tragically, drummer and friend, Tony “Doctor” Pepper passed away suddenly at the age of just 23. This loss left both of the men with a massive hole in their lives. Will The Thrill would say, “It’s easy to let negative thoughts get the better of you in times of loss, and that’s what happened.  Will was just done.”

Several months after the passing of his dear friend, Will was searching for something new to inspire his music. While attending a video game design conference, he would come across Hotline Miami. The game introduced him to a new genre of music known as Synthwave, a genre defined by its atmospheric synth lines and hypnotic drums. This discovery sparked a new drive within Will to create an, “uncompromising 80’s metal album that rocks like hell.” Session Drummer Tony Barbata, Engineer Chris Turnbaugh, and Producer Joel Wanasek would all be integral pieces in turning this album from a few demo tapes to the heavy-hitting head-banging 80s-inspired metal album we have today.

The Sound and Esthetic.

With the cover ripped straight from classic 80s styling, this album shows you exactly what you are going to get without even hearing the first riff. The lead track, “I Just Want Your Love Tonight”, kicks things off with plenty of energy and guitar-shredding goodness. Will’s mastery of the fretboard is on full display throughout the project and this track is no exception. The next two tracks on the setlist, “Creep” and “SEX”, continue this trend of songs that will give you neck problems for serval days after listening.

“SEX” is one of my personal highlights on the album. The flanger-drenched intro transitions perfectly into a thunderous verse full of chugging guitars and smashing drums. The chorus is an earworm that’s been stuck in my head since I first listened to the track. If I could recommend just one track from this project it would be “SEX”. “Ain’t Gotta Mean a Thing” is the first ballad of the project, opening with a beautiful Metallica-esque intro and slowly builds into a virtuosic solo. “Always Be Number Two” is another bouncy and fun track, perfect to listen to while racing down the highway with all your windows down. “Lying to Myself” has a standout solo among many great ones, packing plenty of punch for the short time it is with us. Will The Thrill bestows another inspiring intro on “Strangers In The Night”, thrusting us into a musical composition drenched in nostalgia. Rounding off the album is “Riot”, showcasing the best that Will The Thrill has to offer. This blistering track is propelled by a lightning-fast intro riff that shows up serval times throughout, chugging rhythm guitars, and galloping drums.

Will The Thrill somehow managed to create a time machine and stole the best aspects of 80s metal, synthesizing it down to its raw essence. If you are looking for an album to transport you back in time, Take It Sleazy is exactly what you need.

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