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Check “Senses Amplified” Online Now
New Album Out April 26th

AMIENSUS, the US Progressive Black Metal band, offer another sample from their forthcoming album with “Senses Amplified.” The digital single is on all streaming/download platforms now, along with its accompanying lyric video.

’Senses Amplified’ should feel familiar to longtime Amiensus listeners, but crossed into some new territory we’ve never explored musically,” explains singer/guitarist James Benson. “Kakophonix guests adding cello in lieu of any synths on this song. This song is about a dream, but the interpretation is up to the listener.”

“Senses Amplified” follows earlier singles “Vermillion Fog of War” and “Reverie” as AMIENSUS set up their forthcoming album, ‘Reclamation: Part 1,’ for release April 26th on Digipak CD and limited colored vinyl (300 Turquoise Blue). Preorders are already underway HERE https://lnk.to/amiensus

Hear why Metal Injection calls AMIENSUS “arguably one of the best progressive black metal bands out there” or Two Angry Guys refer to them as “masterful black metal.” But while rooted in the harshness of that scene AMIENSUS offer so much more to listeners as evidenced by Metal Temple describing them as such – “harsh angry tones combine with pretty, ambient moments… it’s depressing music, but in a beautiful way.”

“Our current lineup has been together for the past 6 years, and this album being a double album, is our proclamation to the world that we are still here, and as strong as ever,” continues James. “Lyrically it covers a myriad of subjects, many of which pertain to my experience as a therapist and drug and alcohol counselor for the last 10 years, as well as our experiences with religion and spirituality, addiction, and world events.”

James Benson may be a familiar name to fans of the label as James also fronts Midwest post-black metal operatives and labelmates CHROME WAVES, and hence the personal introduction needed to cement future work with AMIENSUS. In addition to James, AMIENSUS includes GHOST BATH drummer Chris Piette plus guitarists Alec Rozsa, Kelsey Roe and bassist Todd Farnham.

AMIENSUS’ new album, ‘Reclamation: Part 1,’ featuring cover artwork by Aria Fawn, will be followed in late summer by another album containing more melancholic, epic, harsh and emotional takes on progressive black metal, perfect for fans of like-minded visionaries Agalloch, Enslaved, Borknagar and Insomnium.

AMIENSUS formed in Minnesota in 2010 as a project amongst friends, who self-released an EP that same year. It took 3 years for the band to develop into a full group that included expanding their lineup way beyond state lines to find the right talents and mindsets and release the atmospheric black metal must-have album ‘Restoration’ in 2013. Two years later AMIENSUS were back with the more polished and well-received ‘Ascension,’ which introduced Alec and Todd to the ranks. 2017 marked the release of the lengthy EP, ‘All Paths Lead To Death’ (Apathia/Black Lion Records) which saw the band drop some of the heavy orchestration in favor of more melodic death and black metal passages and introduced Chris. In 2020 AMIENSUS signed with Transcending Records to release the heralded ‘Abreaction,’ which now also included Kelsey. That same lineup remains and has recorded the anticipated ‘Reclamation,’ out April 26th on M-Theory Audio.

More information on AMIENSUS and the upcoming album release will be revealed in the weeks to come at www.facebook.com/amiensus and by M-Theory Audio.


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