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BLEEDING THROUGH release MERCILESS New Single, “Our Brand Is Chaos”!

It should be no secret to anyone just how much I love the Bleeding Through camp. So you best believe when I saw they released a new single, I RAN, not walked, to check it out. “Our Brand is Chaos” sounds like the next step of progression from the bands last full release from 2018, “Love Will Kill All”; a sibling track to 2022’s “RAGE” and 2023’s “War Time”. An epic handful of brutality and freshness coming from these hard hitting scene veterans.

Will we be seeing another full release soon? Or maybe simple but epically brutal new EP? Vocalist Brandan Schieppati has not been secretive about the band no longer running the full elaborate tours anymore (I honestly don’t blame them) but I could not be more excited about these guys continuing to release some of the heaviest sounds in metalcore.

Bleeding Through have always stuck out in the metalcore world with their dramatic usage of black metal undertones. With each passing release I hear these darker elements being highlighted more than the previous, and I’m not complaining. The fans aren’t either! After all these years this band continues to bring fans old and new alike, enticing them with their unique energy and keeping them hooked.


Southern California metalcore titans BLEEDING THROUGH have made their awaited return with a brand new single today, aptly titled “Our Brand Is Chaos.” The track is a ruthless new track is their first taste of something the band is currently brewing behind studio doors.

Commenting on the single, lead vocalist Brandan Schieppati states:

“Our Brand Is Chaos is a statement. This is about our unrivaled support by our fans, friends and families. Together we are imperfectly perfect, pure chaos and all love. Let this be our anthem through dark time. Fuck with us and find out.”

Stream “Our Brand Is Chaos”: https://bfan.link/our-brand-is-chaos


June 15 – Boston, MA – Big Night Live (w/Unearth)


Destined for great achievement ever since their formation in 1999, Bleeding Through’s career has been a lengthy and star-studded one, dedicated to delivering a devastating, yet melodic and entrancing, infusion of metal and hardcore to fans worldwide. But, above all else, the band has stayed true to themselves. A testament to their momentous impact on the genre, the quintet has influenced several generations of artists since their inception and will no doubt continue to inspire fans and artists for many years to come.

Having already triumphantly reclaimed the spotlight after their biggest collective hurdle – the 2014 hiatus which many anticipated would be the end of the band’s career as a cohesive unit – Orange County quintet, Brandan Schieppati (vocals), Derek Youngsma (drums), Marta Peterson (keyboards), Brian Leppke (guitar), and Ryan Wombacher (bass), clearly know what it takes for a successful resurgence.

With five Top 50 US charting records, 100 million catalog streams, over 400k physical album sales, and tours with Slipknot, Motionless In White, Lamb of God, and Unearth under their belts, there’s no arguing with the Bleeding Through’s methods and widespread appeal.

Music’s prodigal sons have returned to retake their throne with the release of their latest single ‘Our Brand is Chaos’, and Bleeding Through have no intention of crowning a successor just yet.


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