• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The Chameleons Bring Their Unique Sound To Life At The Belasco in LA

The Chameleons are back, baby! These British post-punk legends rocked the Belasco like never before!

Their music is a wild mix of punk energy and catchy indie tunes, with some trippy twists thrown in. Lead singer Mark’s voice is killer, and his lyrics fit perfectly with the band’s awesome guitars and driving beat.

The Belasco is a not so big venue, so fans got super close to the action. Seeing The Chameleons live is a trip – their music takes you places! They haven’t lost a beat – still the same old magic!

Heads up, punk rockers and music lovers! Don’t miss The Chameleons on tour! This show will blow you away and leave you wanting more!

Live photos by Angel Mejia for ZRockR Magazine-  ©2024  All Rights Reserved.

By Angel Mejia

Los Angeles-based photographer with a keen eye for beauty and a love for capturing moments that tell a story. Specializes in music, lifestyle, and street photography, aiming to convey emotions and experiences through her unique perspective behind the camera. Dedicated to honing her skills and sharing the magic of everyday moments through her art.

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