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Amon Amarth: ‘Metal Crushes All’ Crushes The Pearl over Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend is always a major event for the punk scene with Punk Rock Bowling taking over downtown. Fortunately, for metal enthusiasts, we weren’t left out, as Amon Amarth brought their tour “Metal Crushes All” to The Pearl at the Palms on May 24, 2024.  Frozen Soul, Obituary, and Cannibal Corpse joined forces to create an unforgettable night filled with the magic of death metal.

Frozen Soul

Unfortunately, I missed the opening set by Dallas, Texas’ own Frozen Soul.  I arrived just at the last couple songs. Judging by the crowd’s reaction to them, they absolutely killed it.  The crowd was participating and head-banging along with them.  From the last couple songs I’ve heard “Arctic Stranglehold” and “Crypt of Ice”, which reminded me of Game of Thrones, I am not surprised.  Formed in 2018, Frozen Soul is a death metal quintet that released their debut album in 2021 under Century Media Records.  Their influences range from Slayer to Obituary (which funny enough, they were part of this tour as well).


Next up was Tampa’s own Obituary and surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve gave these guys a shot before.  I’ve heard of them of course but that’s really it.  Some tracks they played were “Snortin’ Whiskey”, “Redneck Stomp”, “Slow Death” and my new favorite song of theirs “Dying of Everything”. Those licks and breakdowns are insane.  The crowd was packed with Obituary fans, creating an energetic and fun atmosphere.

Cannibal Corpse

Hailing from my hometown of Buffalo, NY, Cannibal Corpse was ready to make everyone respect Corpsegrinder’s legendary neck. He’s better than you, and everyone, including him, knows it. I still don’t understand how his neck hasn’t broken or his head hasn’t fallen off yet. The audience was packed with Cannibal fans too.  I love how tours just flow and make sense and this tour was definitely one that made sense with the bands chosen to come together.  They played favorites like “I Cum Blood”, “Blood Blind” and “Evisceration Plague”.  I found it both hilarious and amazing how Corpsegrinder takes drink breaks with a can of Coke in between songs.

Amon Amarth

Finally, the Viking Metal Sweds of the show took the stage, ready to raise everyone’s drinking horns.  I’ve seen Amon Amarth once before and I always loved their set creativity. A Viking ship for the drums, two Vikings standing on guard, flag wavers, a Loke, and so much more.  Vegas always has an amazing turn out for Amon Amarth. They have super loyal fans here who already knows the ins and outs of their set. The mosh pits were brutal but and the crowd knew when to get on the floor to start rowing their ship.  It still must be insanely humbling for the band to see. They played their hits from “Put your back into the Oar”, “Raise your Horns”, “War of the Gods”, and “Guardians of Asgaard.”

The demand for metal in Vegas remains robust and vibrant, as evidenced by the crowd last Friday night. Hosting the tour at the Pearl instead of the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay proved to be a great decision. If you’re craving a taste of theatrical, unrestrained metal, be sure to catch Amon Amarth when they come to your city. They never disappoint while offering a unique and heavy experience that sets them apart from many other bands.

Live photos by Christina Corcoran for ZRockR Magazine-  ©2024  All Rights Reserved.

By Christina Corcoran

Christina (Rosenfeld) Corcoran- Photographer- Hey guys! I'm Christina. I'm originally from New York but I gave up the snow for the sun and moved to Las Vegas. That happened about 5 years ago which is crazy. I've been a concert photographer for 5+ years. I love it regardless of it's challenges. I'm a fan of all genres of music but metal will always soothe my little black heart (especially with a "female front". I say that in quotes because it's a delicate subject). Fun fact: The Monkees were the first band I ever loved. I was 5 when I was introduced to them. They were also my first concert when I was 6. When I'm not photographing in the pit, I usually have my hands on someone's face. Fun fact: I'm an esthetician/makeup artist. I also enjoy them very much. I love making people feel their best. If you want to make me happy, give me a taco. See you at the next show \m/

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