• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Ambrosia: Still Serving Up the Sweet Sounds of the 70s & 80s

Last Saturday, The Canyon Agoura Hills wasn’t just a concert venue, it was a time machine! The legendary Ambrosia rocked the stage, transporting the entire crowd back to the groovy era of 70s and 80s soft rock.

The place was packed with fans, all buzzing with excitement to belt out their favorite tunes. It was a personal trip down memory lane for me too. Growing up in the Philippines, their songs were everywhere on the radio. Remember those jeepney rides with the wind whipping through your hair and Ambrosia’s “How Much I Feel” blasting from the speakers? It was surreal to finally see them perform it live after all these years! Every song brought back those carefree days, like a scene straight out of a movie.

The setlist was a goldmine of fan favorites, including timeless classics like “Holdin’ On to Yesterday” and “Biggest Part of Me.” Each song showcased Ambrosia’s talent for crafting catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics that resonated with everyone, young and old. And let’s not forget their powerful vocals that added another layer of magic to the evening.

A true highlight was their iconic hit “How Much I Feel.” The crowd swayed in unison, captivated by the dramatic chorus and soaring guitar solo. It’s no wonder this song remains a cornerstone of their legacy.

The band had a great time too, joking around and getting the audience pumped. It felt more like a big party than just a concert. The night ended with a special surprise, an extra performance of a beautiful love song. The pretty melody and heartfelt words were the perfect way to close out this unforgettable night.

This Ambrosia show was a total win. It was a dream come true for longtime fans and an introduction for newcomers to the era’s most enduring sounds. It was a night that transcended generations, leaving a lasting impression on all who were there.

Photos by Angel Mejia for ZrockR Magazine 2024 – All Rights Reserved.

By Angel Mejia

Los Angeles-based photographer with a keen eye for beauty and a love for capturing moments that tell a story. Specializes in music, lifestyle, and street photography, aiming to convey emotions and experiences through her unique perspective behind the camera. Dedicated to honing her skills and sharing the magic of everyday moments through her art.

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