• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Chase Pozzi

Chase Pozzi, Drummer (Scathen, Omen King) Writer/Photographer Born September 25th, 2002, Chase Pozzi has been invading the Las Vegas metal scene since he first moved to Sin City in 2022. With a strong fascination with metal music and its many facets, Chase is dedicated to discovering as many bands as he can to add to his encyclopedia of brutality. Chase is also a musician, playing the drums since he was thirteen years old. He is best known for past work in bands such as Autosarcophagy and his involvement in black metal bands Scathen and Omen King.
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The Chaos & Carnage 2024 Experience

Sunday, May 26th was the final day for deathcore/death metal tour Chaos & Carnage. After nineteen shows across twenty-six days, the expedition of the extreme came to a close in…