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VooDoo Zip Line at the Rio: It’s Time….to ziiip liiiine!

When you are strapped into the seat and thrust over the edge, looking straight down 490 feet to the ground, you can feel it in your chest. Your hands start to sweat, your heart is pounding, and your mouth goes dry. Adrenaline is the name of the game, and the new Voodoo Zip Line at The Rio can give it to you for under forty bucks.


~ This doesn’t look very scary or dare devilish now, does it?  ~ 


I went for the grand opening, got to shake hands with important people, collect a few business cards, and get flung off the side of a 54 story building. It was pretty cool. They had Bruce Buffer there to do the opening. He said he was afraid of heights, but did it anyway because he said he would. I watched as they strapped him in, and sent him on his way. When he got back, he had a smile on his face and said he enjoyed the ride.

One of the things that makes this particular zip line unique, is that once you get to the end of the line, it brings you back to the top, backwards. I haven’t ever been on a zip line that does that before, which made it all that more fun to do. You can’t see behind you to know how close you are. The only place you have to look is straight down or off to the side. Kinda scary, but, the thrill of defying possible death is why we go on those rides, right?


~ Voodoo Zip Line at the Rio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas!  A wire takes you way over there!  What a RUSH!  ~


The view from the top is pretty decent too. You can see the entire city span out in front of you, and I bet it looks pretty wicked at night with all the lights. Its a good spend too, being that it is family friendly. It can hold up to 425 pounds, which is nothing to scoff at. Usually zip lines cit you off at about 250 pounds. The car has two seats on it as well, so you don’t have to ride solo if you don’t want to. Have someone there to grab onto if you need it.

By the time I was finished with my turn, there was already a large line forming to take the plunge off the top. One guy even came from Arizona just to be the first to ride it. Pretty heavy dedication to thrill rides if you ask me. Overall, the ride is a great new attraction to the city. I’m sure I’ll go on it a few more times before it no longer gives me that push of adrenaline I’m looking for and I go in search of something bigger, faster, and more dangerous.


~ What will this city bring in for our amusement next I wonder? ~




For more images from the top of The Rio and of the Zip Line, click here



By GonZo Jenny

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