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GEMINI:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This month it is important to maintain emotional control. A period of hypersensitivity could cause you to misperceive someone’s true intentions. When it comes to intimate relationships this is a perfect time to re-align the boundaries and clear the air. You may be surprised that your partner feels exactly the same way. Career and money goals are going to take a little longer to come together when they do be prepared for a big payoff. If you haven’t put a new health regime in place it may be time to do so a new diet and exercise routine will make all the difference in the way you feel.

Some famous rock and roll Gemini’s include: Stevie Nicks, Ron Wood, Steve Vai, Prince, and Sir Paul McCartney!

CANCER: We are coming close to a new birth for you in the next 30days. This is an opportune time to start a spiritual cleansing. Purge all the drama, old emotions and unnecessary burdens you are carrying. You’re going to be amazed how much better you’ll feel. Finances are going to be up and down all month. Unexpected expenses are highly likely. Singles are in for some fun and pleasurable encounters. Those of you in serious relationships are going to feel the pressure from a partner or mate as they want to go to the next level in your commitment.

LEO: Those of you who have been on a fast track for the last few months can start looking forward to some down time. There are still day to day responsibilities to take care of but nothing major. Set some time aside for yourself and the things you enjoy doing. Stress related to a specific financial matter may demand a more legal resolution. If you choose the right professional to assist you a positive outcome is highly likely. A child or family member may be in need of your time or assistance. Try not to enable the situation. Guidance not money is the answer.

VIRGO: Opportunities could come right to your door this month where money and business are concerned. Not all opportunities are what they appear to be. Keep in mind what you want to accomplish to ensure the right fit for you future. Finances are improving but with your ruling Mercury in retrograde an unexpected expense shouldn’t be a big shock. Romance is challenging to say the least. You may not see eye to eye with a partner but it’s advantageous to open up lines of communications. Singles keep the faith a relationship is on the horizon. Don’t sell yourself short or settle. It will be worth everything you’ve been through. Stay on top of your diet and exercise routine to deal with low energy and stress.

LIBRA: If you are continuing to hit walls you have to take a step back and ask yourself what am I missing. It may be very subtle but equally profound. Take some time to clearly define what it is you desire in results from any personal, financial, or romantic situation. You have the capacity to manifest your desires if you apply the energy necessary to see it through. Singles have a new love interest on the horizon enjoy the heat! Be cautious of over spending this month. Stick to your budget.



SCORPIO: A busy month is on the horizon. Balance your time in order to not crash and burn. A minor health matter may flare up. Take care of it right away. Those looking for a new opportunity to make money will have doors opening shortly. This month may also find you reflecting on how to improve your overall mental well being. Find time to plan a vacation or time away with those you care for. A trip on or over water is very possible. An old love interest may re-enter your life for one last go round. This will help to close that chapter for good.

SAGITTARIUS: Reconnecting with old friends and or business associates could bring an unsolicited job offer. Seriously consider it. This is not a good time for singles to meet that special someone, however it is a good time to get out of a rut and circulate. When dealing with family issues it may be time to put all your cards on the table. Finances are going to be challenging as money you are hoping to arrive will come, but not in the time frame that you anticipate. A short trip will be hampered by weather and travel delays. It’s best to get to your destination safely. Especially with Mercury in retrograde.

CAPRICORN: If you feel like you are running in circles while chasing your tail. You may have to ask yourself if you are seeing things the way they really are. There is a lot to accomplish this month. Emotional confusion will only add to your stress. Take each day and focus on the tasks at hand. Remaining organized will help you to maximize your time. Unavoidable family issues will have to be dealt with head on. You can handle any confrontations you are up against. Money will be slow and coming and not as much as you’d hoped for so stick to your budget.

AQUARIUS: Your word for the month is FLEXIBLE. You need to be very flexible in order to get through the month. There will be little time for pleasure or play. The personal suffering will be well worth the results you are about to see come full circle. Relationships are going to be a little tense. Stress on the part of your partner can make them difficult to deal with. Singles, can expect better results next month in areas of your dating lives. Use caution while driving this month to avoid accidents or tickets. Mercury will be in retrograde to this aspect is more likely the next 5 weeks.

PISCES: Business projects are going to be delayed or difficult to launch this month. You will benefit financially by the delays. Be patient and try to get all terms in writing. Money is going to be tight for some of you until we move into Leo later this summer. (Late July early August). Those of you in serious relationships are going to feel that you and your partner are the sure to move to the next level. A health issue may need to be address on a medical level. Life style changes will have a Hugh impact on repairing the problem.

ARIES: Personally and professionally this month you will be pulled in multiple directions. It will be easy to get upset and frustrated if you want to. The solution may be to just go with the flow. A big disappointment with a friend or loved one is definitely a turning point for you in the way you see the relationship. If you have been having difficulty getting money owed or due to you it’s time to consider a formal demand or legal action. Consult a professional. Singles could have an unexpected encounter with someone from the past. Is it really what you want?

TAURUS: If you haven’t gotten your finances in line now is the time to put some serious thought into how you can maximize your resources and put a future financial plan in place. Old bills and debts will have to be paid or satisfied in order to get ahead. The money coming in is not the problem it’s the money going out. You make good money but you spend blindly. Emotional issues could interfere with your judgment. All major decisions should be put off until later in the summer.


By going along with feelings, you unify your emotional, mental, and bodily states.”

When you try to fight or deny them, you divorce yourself from the reality of your being.”

Jane Roberts

The Nature of Personal Reality

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