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Alex Cole returns with his latest song, "Strong Enough to Survive!"

“Strong Enough to Survive” has arrived; the latest track from Alex Cole. Spearheading what he had dubbed the “Retro Rock Revolution,” Cole’s music takes the best elements of rock and roll of the past, and infuses it with newfound, modern energy.

I previously reviewed Alex Cole’s Bad Boy Rocker album for the site, and was ecstatic upon hearing his combination of sounds; in a world oversaturated with boring, overplayed genres of music, the album was a fantastic throwback to classic hard rock’s golden days. Cole has returned with his latest track, but how does it fare?

While I loved the retro-style rock from Cole’s last full-length album, it pleases this fan to see that he is not content to merely relive the past and make the same song over and over again. “Strong Enough to Survive” makes this statement proudly. It is a more contemporary, modern song than what we heard on his album, yet he still retain enough to appeal to an audience across all ends of the spectrum. While I personally prefer the more retro-flavored sound of the tracks from Bad Boy Rocker, none can deny that this is a strong step forward, in more ways than one. Cole’s guitar playing, the song’s solo section in particular, will melt faces around the world. No rock and roll fan should be disappointed with this Italian guitarist’s latest song.

Alex Cole is the rock and roll hero the new generation needs; “Strong Enough to Survive” is a solid new addition to his canon, fusing the best of old and new. Follow the link below to give it a listen; you will be satisfied with what you hear.



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