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Tyketto - Reach is the Latest Album From These Unsung Rock Heroes!

Coming out of New York City, Tyketto will always best be remembered for their rock anthem “Forever Young” from their early 1990s debut, Don’t Come Easy. The group has persevered over the years aside from a hiatus from 1996 to 2004, and has continued in varying lineups. Reach, which will release on October 14, 2016, is the latest release from the band.

Still present in Tyketto are founding members vocalist Danny Vaughn (formerly of Waysted, Pete Way’s post-UFO band) and drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny. This latest lineup of the band also includes keyboardist Ged Rylands, guitarist Chris Green, and bassist Chris Childs. The band members claim to have new energy, and that Reach has revitalized them as a band and musicians. But is it a record that lives up to those promises?


Reach is Tyketto's latest studio effort.

Reach is Tyketto's latest studio effort.


My familiarity with Tyketto prior to this release was mostly limited to their most commercial of content, namely “Forever Young” and the other songs that their debut spawned back in the early 90s. That said, after having given Reach a listen, I can say that I am a fan of the new release, and will likely be going back to rediscover the band’s other more obscure content from over the years. You will be pleased to know that the guys are still going strong.

There are a number of strong tracks to be found on the new release, which runs the gamut from acoustic stuff to keyboard intensive melodic rock. Vaughn’s vocals soar on every track; this guy is seriously underrated amongst rock singers. Even if you have never given a Tyketto album a listen in the past, this would be a fine place to start, largely thanks to the strong assortment of tracks.

If you like melodic hard rock, Reach is an album that will not fail to please. Fans of Tyketto who have been curious and eager to see what the band would shell out next now have their answer, and the end results speak for themselves. This one is well worth adding to your collection.



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