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Alley Cats LV EP - First Release From the New Band!

Alley Cats LV is the new group combining the talents of Zachary Throne, Brent Muscat, Takashi O’Hashi and Stephen Mills. The group, bringing them together at long last, has finally released an EP.

If you have followed the Vegas music scene at all, you are surely familiar with Muscat and Throne; they were both long-time Sin City Sinners members. Muscat was a founding member of Faster Pussycat, and Throne is known for his musical as well as acting abilities. Cats in Boots guitarist Takashi O’Hashi hails from a criminally underrated 80s band that never got the proper credit, and it is great to see him active once more. This is a great group of artists, and fans from their respective past bands are certainly eager for this release.

We only get six songs on this EP which total just under half an hour, but it is a safe bet that you will be satisfied with the end result. In its fairly short duration, it rocks and covers a lot of musical ground. From straight-up rockers and to power-pop anthems, slower stuff and laugh-out-loud sing-alongs, there is a little bit of everything to be found here. It is the culmination of a great group of musicians, each of which bring something worthwhile to the table.

While this EP from the Alley Cats LV is a brief release, it is certainly an excellent one from four great musicians. If you want to see what these guys are up to these days, this EP is a great place to start. A strongly recommended release!


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