Boston Manor’s “Welcome to the Neighbourhood” Album Review!

Boston Manor’s second full-length album, Welcome to the Neighbourhood, is set for release on September 7th, 2018. I had the privilege of listening to this album ahead of its release date.

Boston Manor is made up of five gentlemen from Blackpool, Lancashire, England. Henry Cox (vocals), Mike Cuniff (guitar), Ash Wilson (guitar/vocals), Dan Cunliff (bass/vocals), and Jordan Pugh (drums). This album is dark and gritty approach to this pop/punk band. Do not let the dark and gritty get confused with angst. Welcome to the Neighbourhood reminds me of an audio version of “Sin City” the movie.

Opening with “Welcome to the Neighbourhood”, this song sets the tone for the entire album. It’s moody and spectral with Henry singing “if you could leave you would”. It seems there is an inter-mixture of genres that have influenced this album. Subtle hip hop can be found on “Welcome to the Neighbourhood”. Some 80’s synth can be heard on “Halo” and “Funeral Party”. There is a lot of little surprises like this that make this album worthy of listening to on repeat.

“Bad Machine” is my favorite song so far. It is accompanied by a stunning yet, eerie, black and white video available now on YouTube.

It is also ironic because, I will probably be saying to this song, “Get the hell out of my head”.

This next song came as a big surprise to me aptly titled “If I Can’t Have It No One Can”. I had taken a sneak peak at the lyrics: “I am a big man, with lots of big guns. & I don’t take shit, don’t take shit from anyone. Best get your facts right. Cause I’m never wrong. & even when I am I’m more right than anyone.” The first verse is sweet and melodic then turns into a perfect rocking song. I LOVE THIS SONG. There, I said it.

I hope these guys come to the states. After listening to this album, I am ready to see them live!

I don’t want to give too much away but, damn, this album is fantastic and you will not want to miss out on this one. Welcome to the Neighbourhood is available September 7th, 2018. You can preorder on





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